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Navigating the Peaks and Valleys of My Golf Journey: A Personal Rollercoaster Amidst Weekend Rounds

Carmen Vasey • Mental Aspect
A golf journey filled with ups and downs. Starting with joy and improvement, challenges brought frustration and self-doubt. Balancing work pressures and limited weekend play intensified the struggle. The cyclic nature of golf, with its highs and lows, reflects a personal journey of self-discovery and improvement.




Right now, I find myself amidst a rollercoaster ride in golf—a journey that extends beyond the mere act of playing. This passion has consumed me for over 12 years, with each moment bringing a mix of exhilaration and challenge.

Imagine the current scenario: the initial years filled with enthusiasm as I grasped the fundamentals, the elation of nailing incredible shots, and the excitement of achieving personal milestones. 

Yet, amid the highs, a persistent struggle has emerged, prompting me to question both my skills and the very essence of the game.


The Early Years:


Embarking on my golf journey was a delightful experience. I felt proud every time I learned something new and got better at it.

I worked hard on learning the basics, enjoyed periods of success, and celebrated the joy of a flawless swing. Those initial years felt like the honeymoon period, as the desire for progress kept me completely engaged.


The Periods of Triumph:


As I gained more experience, moments of triumph emerged. Scores improved and when we had nothing to do but play golf during COVID, a memorable hole-in-one etched itself into my memory.

Those were the good times when I felt super confident, and each game gave me memories of awesome shots.


The Frustration Sets In:



However, bad days followed. It wasn't just occasional struggles but an extended period of difficulty.

Routine shots became elusive, and the once-reliable swing vanished when needed the most. Frustration set in, and doubt destroyed the hard-earned confidence.

Every golfer knows that these periods of struggle can creep in, stick around for weeks, and suddenly disappear again. 

Recently, my putting has become a major source of frustration in my golf game. I've seen my putt count per hole increase from 1 or 2 to 2 or 3, with the occasional dreaded 4-putt. Consequently, my average score has risen.


The Mental Battle:



Golf, being a mental game, introduces a psychological struggle. Doubt crept in as I questioned every aspect of my game.

Overcoming mental demons became as crucial as fixing my physical swing. Frustration intensified, turning every mishit into a blow to my confidence.


The Search for Solutions:


In my quest for a comeback, I plan to take some courses from our golf pro, work on adjusting my swing, and scrutinize every detail of my game. 

Experimenting with clubs, altering practice routines, and adopting mental strategies have become essential.

However, as much as I wish it would be a fast "fix" I know this process demands patience and perseverance.


The Role of External Factors:


Life inevitably spills onto the golf course. Work pressures and personal issues play their part. For example, these past few weeks my mind has been distracted due to my elderly dad being ill. There's nothing you can do about that but keep pushing through.

Balancing life demands with the pursuit of golfing excellence becomes a delicate act, and finding that equilibrium is vital to overcoming the slump.


The Weekend Challenge:


Adding to the frustration, I can only indulge in my golfing passion on weekends due to demanding work schedules. As much as I wish I could play more often to make improvements I have my limitations.

Playing poorly when everyone else seems to be on their game intensifies the challenge.

The struggle becomes twofold—both against personal limitations and the external pressures of time.


Lessons Learned from the Lows:


Despite frustrations, the lows teach valuable lessons. Resilience, adaptability, and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success become apparent.

Each mishit and frustrating round contributes to my experience, shaping my game and character. 

I do not want to lose my cool on the course or complain, understanding that each experience is part of the growing process.


The Cyclic Nature of Golf:


Golf, in its funny way, is cyclic. After reaching great heights and hitting rock bottom, I work hard to climb back up.

Perseverance and an unwavering belief in the process become key. 

Lots of golf pros went through ups and downs like this. What made the best stand out was how they handled tough times.

Therefore, ups and downs are normal as long as I remember that it always comes back, in time.




My current struggle in golf has evolved into a profound exploration of self. It's not just about the game; it mirrors life's challenges.

Resilience and perseverance are not merely skills on the golf course but true hallmarks of my spirit. 

As I handle the twists and turns of this golfing rollercoaster, refining my game I also discover a deeper understanding of myself and the game I love.

The struggle, it turns out, is not the enemy but a companion in the journey toward becoming the golfer—and person—I aspire to be.

As I inch closer to retirement, I know there will be much more time available to continue making those improvements slowly, but surely.



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